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Halloween Elvis, Peter Tracy's first theatre production, was introduced at the Puppet House in Branford, Connecticut in the summer of 1999. Halloween Elvis musically traces Peter’s catholic school choir practices (He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands) and his early attraction to the opposite sex (Rock & Roll Child). Through young adulthood, he imitates various cult musicians - Al Jolson, Burt Ives and Roy Orbison. His description of meeting the Buster Brothers, two local jazz legends, is expressed with the Bobby Buster Goodtime Blues, which serves as a tribute to these two special musical influences in his life.

He re-enacts his performance in a New York City Halloween parade with an actual parade through the audience and depicts on stage what happens to him as his limo is barraged with "Elvis Fans." That traumatic experience (to a claustrophobic) inspired No More Elvis. As he returns home, after the night of surprises, he reconciles with his wife as he sings and they waltz to Dance with Me Dear.

The final message, Halloween Do's summarizes the theme of Halloween Elvis: it’s never too late to actually act on a life’s dream.

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